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Photos of scott radio I need a value for sale.

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Tony, nice to see your Scott radio. Scott was a high end custom radio builder in Chicago.

You have an E.H.  Scott  1936 version, Full Range High Fidelity Allwave,  being a 23 tube radio. With the two additional small controls we now refer to it as an 7 knob AW-23. You have the optional high fidelity tweeters, too. The correct knobs. And original speaker cloth.

Your cabinet is the Milton Grande. The customer could choose from over a dozen cabinet styles at costs ranging from $25 to well over $100.  The Milton Grande coast $60 and is seldom seen today, so I would say somewhat rare.

Condition of the cabinet matters a good deal. Original finish? I see a significant chip on the front right side.

The condition of the chrome plating also matters a lot. So the big question is:  just thick dust, or is there rust, too?

Meanwhile unless you absolutely know it plays, do NOT power it up lest certain very old parts fail causing extensive damage.

I live up the road Tony if you decide on a price. You need to friend people so they can exchange messages.

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