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These were with a recent 39BOL purchase. Thought the red backing plate would add a nice twist to the BOL. Ive not seen such on a pointer though someone likely purchased this pair together. Some have mentioned “Brown” but this definitely remains red behind glass, maybe indication of the aging process ?



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Surprised, no responses regarding the red Philly dial backer. I’ve looked for hours and found no examples of such both for the Pointer or BOL sets. Mine was packed with cheesecloth in a well aged perfect fitted box. Could this be factory ?

I doubt the phenolic backplate is original.  Thin phenolic sheet is very easy to obtain and comes in colors ranging from tan to dark brown.  It is likely that the original phenolic sheet was broken prior to or during removal or perhaps was removed to be used in another chassis set and a replacement was made from available phenolic stock.


I have seen a brown dial on a pointer dial Philharmonic, as I mentioned to Dave recently. My presumption is it was original to that particular Scott radio. Scott being a custom set builder might substitute a color other than green as requested.

Several Philharmonic chassis sets have been found with original gold painted dial backplates.  These appear as light brown after many years.


Well, the only provenance I can provide is the very old perfect fit box and cheesecloth wraps that houses this backing. It’s hard to say whether it predates the “age of reproduction”. EH Scott was long out of production before someone likely needed to be inside their Philly. Anyway, “someone” went out of their way to make a “different” perfectly dimensioned replacement.

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