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What is it worth? I need to put a price on it for an estate sale. It plays great!

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Its worth $1500 to me if you want to sell it.

I would have to get someone to pick it up where its at.

Worth is a a matter of opinion until it actually sells. I gather it is in AZ.

That it plays well despite its age is a plus because it indicates key parts are functional (field coils, transformers and most tubes, ...). The tweeters are a significant $$ plus. Move the cable away from those hot amplifier tubes.

Be careful moving it - the receiver may only be secured by the control knobs. The amp may slide out and break tubes. All the cables do unplug.Those 4 tubes on the amp are expensive to replace.

Although it plays, it is unrestored and needs extensive service.

If a decent estate auction venue with specific mention of a 23 tube Scott radio from the mid 1930's then

I will say a range of $1,500 to $3,500, depending on who is bidding. 

Perhaps Norman or others may weigh in. Or you may get an offer by virtue of exposure on this Scott website.

Being in Ohio and already having other Scott radio examples, I am not interested in your Scott.

The Milton cabinet is very uncommon and desirable and the set has the optional tweeters.  Considering the fact that the cabinet needs some work (I would never consider refinishing a cabinet in its condition) and that small blisters appear to be present on the shield cans, $1500 would be a friendly price.  Competing interests would be required to get offers anywhere near $3500 unless the set were cleaned and tested and even then you would be lucky to get $3500.  Fully restored it might be worth $3500 to $4000.  One thing to be aware of is that a fair number of potential customers will part this set out and sell it piece by piece on eBay if you offer the set in a widely viewed public venue.  Given the rarity of the cabinet and the fact that the set is complete it is a very good candidate for total restoration and preservation.  It would be a shame if it were to be dismantled.  If you work something out with Bruce or other members of this forum the set will most likely be preserved.


Yes indeed - very uncommon. Yours is only the 3rd Milton Grande cabinet I have seen anywhere in my 20 plus years of Scott collecting. Never seen one in person.

I'm in AZ. the radio is in Lake Orion, Mi. Any reasonable offers would be appreciated.

Thank You all for Your Help.


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