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I need to locate a replacement on/off switch for my ALL WAVE 23. The original switch has become defective and is apt to turn off the set unexpectedly and without warning. Is somebody offering a new version of this switch? If I need to look for a NOS switch, or one taken from a vintage set, what should I be asking for?    Any help or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.


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Those long shank switches are hard to find.

Unplug the set and remove switch from the cabinet.  Shoot contact spray into the switch  and work it a few times.

After the spray has evaporated, then test with a meter. After a few more minutes to be sure of total evaporation, power up the set. (do not power the set on, off, on, off ... quickly as power surge peaks  can be damaging.) After the set has run for awhile, the switch should not be warm.

If that doesn't cure the problem, If not riveted together, you may be able to dismantle it as I have done to successfully clean up the internal contact.


Thank you so much for this information.  I will follow your suggestion and use contact spray to see if that corrects the problem.


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