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Allwave 12 DeLuxe interstage transfoemer....

I have an Allwave 12 DeLuxe with an interstage transformer having a bad primary. Already in my possession is a modern replacement, that will certainly do the repair.

The question being asked is, what would you do?

Completely remove the original since it is defective or leaving it in place, out of circuit, fitting in the replacement under the chassis, next to the original?

There actually is room to accomplish the second option.

Again, what would you do?

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Either option is probably worthy, as long as you don't have to drill new holes in the chassis (if it can be avoided). I like leaving the old unit there....if someone in the future wants to get it rewound, they could do that and remove the added unit. But if putting the new unit in place of the old one can be done without new holes, then I'd opt for that. Pros and cons either way, but having a playing set is the best...


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