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Hi All: I have posted about this set when I got it in 2015, and have some additional questions/information about it.
This appears to be an in-between version from the 5 knob set to the 7 knob set, in that it has the 2 antenna posts and the new antenna coupling system, but is a 5 knob set. The chassis has been much modified, and the chrome is in rough shape, so it would never be a display piece. I have been doing some work on it the last few days, and coming up with some questions, and figuring out what I would need to do to restore it electrically. Is there an available schematic for this? I can compare it with my current allwave 23, since it looks like most of the circuitry is the same or close enough. The good news is that aside from the modifications, most of the set is intact, and replacing the caps and some of the wiring that has deteriorated or been clipped off would be easy. I recapped my current 23, serial #K480, when I got it.
I do not have the power supply or speaker for this.
I was given an approximate production date when I posted the serial # in 2015.
I have also gained some insight into how it was built, all wiring first and components added next, and since I have done a lot of construction and repair over the years, this makes repair much easier.
Any other information anyone could add as to rarity or anything else would be appreciated. It may at some point play again.

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I am finishing the restoration of this Allwave 23. I need a replacement detent cup and spring that goes under the coil wheel. I am sure both cups were there, but can only find one set. If any one has these parts, let me know. 
Thanks, Thom. 

Thom, I can help on those...message me on my email:


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