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working on cleaning up an Allwave 23 with the correct speaker, tweeters and expander. 

I need to replace some of the tube shields. 

Do only the shields with a grid cap tube have the slit in the shield?  What about the tubes where the grid cap wire goes straight down?

some of my shields look like they were cut with tin snips. What is the length of the slit?


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The AW-23 tube shields with longer slit are for tubes with grid gap wires going to a coil can or the cover over the tuning cap.  The long slit is about 2 1/8 th inch. Regular slit is 7/8 inch. Same as for the AW-12, AW-15 and Philharmonic.

I recall one grid cap wire that that comes up inside the tube cover, and it just is snugly inside the regular tube shield..

The volume expander is an outboard option unit - except for a special rare version 27 tube version (a modified  AW-23 incorporating the volume expander built in and sporting a pair of magic eye tubes and longer 8 tube power supply).

Thank you

Now as I shine and clean I will put the shields in the proper place

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