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In late 1931, Scott offered an "auditorium amplifier" with the Allwave 2-dial set. Until recently, we only knew of this from Scott materials, but fellow collector John Meredith located one of these units. He asked me to restore it and I finished it up this weekend. A longer story will appear in one of the radio journals sometime in the future. As with most Scott items, it doesn't exactly match his provided schematic, although the changes to this unit do make sense.

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Wow, very pretty, Nice job Kent.

Wow Kent, phenomenal job. 

NICE.  Impressive change of looks from rust bucket to factory fresh.

Nice.  Who is your chrome shop?  I was going to send my Philly to a shop in Tenn.

I had John arrange the chroming once I stripped it down, he used a place in Texas. Rather expensive I thought, but they did a very nice job. They had to fix a corner of the chassis...looked like it had been dropped at some point and bent in the corner. One interesting point about the rechroming was the thickness of the plating. I had to clean out every screw hole by about 1/64 inch, the screws would not quite fit through the holes after replating. Use your shop and please let me know how it goes. I have at least one more chassis to do for John and he's looking for a new (hopefully less expensive) shop too.

I was going to send mine to Advanced Plating in Tennessee. I've heard good things.  I think all plating shops are expensive!

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