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I'm using a Garrard 60 MKII with an Ortofon OM 5e cartidge. I get no volume when hooking directly to the phono in screw. When I go through a preamp, I get less than half volume. The schematic shows that the phone terminal goes directly to the waver switch through what appears to be a .005 mfd cap.

However I have a 2 meg resister in parallel with a mica cap (can't tell the value) connected directly to the phono terminal. At that point, there is a 560K resistor to ground, and a .02 mfd cap going from that junction to the wave switch.

I know this has been worked on before, but I can't figure out whats going on.


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My Phantom Deluxe diagram says a .025 cap between the positive phono terminal and the radio/phono switch, and nothing else. 

I used the commonly available 0.022 Mfd film cap.

The Scott input is for a higher output phono cartridge, as Scott was using crystal cartridge pickup, although a magnetic  pickup was also available, as per Scott news articles. If your cartridge is good, and is a low output type, then you may need a preamp for the additional audio amp stage.

So, I believe anything else should be removed. And make sure the radio/phono switch is really working. 

Maybe someone was attempting to adjust the audio curve with the additional resistor.

Thanks, David. I'll remove everything else. I have tried a preamp with a 35db gain, and volume is still low. So I've ordered a preamp with a variable gain of up to 60db.

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