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I picked up a Scott Marine Receiver a while ago and I'm finally getting around to working on it.

If anyone has a parts set around I could use:

1) RF stage cover

2) Built in 5" monitor speaker

3) Original bronze Power and Monitor toggle switches



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Tony - I can help you with these, I've got an SLRM we can raid. See attached photos. I'm not sure which RF cover you need.



Thanks Kent!

The RF cover that I need is the one that covers the area of the exposed bathtub Cap on Pic 3 (top/right of photo) so maybe that's already been pulled but I can still use the toggle switches and speaker if you're willing to part with them.


Also, could you take a look at the power connector on the back and let me know if it looks like a standard 3 prong AC plug?

Kent, just came across this thread, wondering if your parts SLRM might still be able to furnish the following so I can bring my SLRM back to as built condition:

- power supply filter choke (the big one that sits on top of the chassis in front of the output transformer and the four vacuum tubes in front of the output transformer) - original went open and was replaced by an open frame choke vs a canned one.

- pan headed screws ( one or a few that are used to hold the front panel onto the stand off brackets to the front of the chassis)

- original internal loudspeaker (original cone dried out at torn, replaced with a Radio Shack generic replacement)

- at least 6 front panel retainer thumbscrews that go into the bosses above the tuning dial and into the L brackets on the sides of the front panel (I recall chewing up the slots on some of those missing and took them out)

- a couple of the pan headed screws that hold down the tuning capacitor shield can to the main chassis.

- the two original large glazed ceramic high wattage resistors used in the filament circuits, along with their mounting clips and ceramic standoffs. (the smaller of the two was open when I first got the set from my grandfather in 1964, and was replaced with one of those square brown power ceramic cased power resistors that were popular back in the 60s.)

- the tuning knob shaft section that the main tuning knob is attached to (in my misspent youth I cut my set's shaft short to allow putting a National Velvet Vernier multiturn dial onto the main tuning shaft to increase the set's bandspread. I eventually removed the National dial and used an in line coupling and a replacement section of 1/4" shafting that extends too far forward of the front panel, the coupling prevents having the knob to be located at its proper position relative to the panel.

- the original alignment tool and allen wrench that were clipped onto the tuning cap shield box and the associated clips and mounting hardware for them.

- original antenna receptacle and matching furnished plug for the antenna lead in (I of course replaced mine with a standard UHF coax receptacle back in the 60s.)

Any or all of the above will be greatly appreciated and of course fairly compensated for!

Chris -

The only SLRM I have left is  a relatively complete one that could/should be restored. I have since downsized on some of my  parts chassis, just not enough space. There are quite a few SLRMs out there, I bet there will be someone that can help.


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