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Apparently rare Scott Cathedral Console cabinet for sale in CT

I just noticed something that might interest someone on this site.

It is a Craigslist advertisement for an elaborately carved cabinet for an E. H. Scott radio.

The owner claims it is for the Scott AW-2. The cost is $4,000.

The location is said to be Putnam, CT.

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this is what I'm looking for:


Thank you Keith!.  I'll be on this as soon as the place opens.  I sent you a PM as well.

I have purchased the cabinet.  Now I just need to find a way to get it to Michigan!   I really didn't think I'd ever find doors for my Grebe, but one never knows how much help is available on these forums.  Thank you Kieth!

At this point, I'm guessing this Cathedral Console cabinet is not actually listed in RadioMuseum?

I certainly haven't been able to find it, and I've searched six ways from Sunday.

I found it once after a number of attempts.  Tried a couple days later to no avail. Evidently, takes an exact name match. I recall "custom" was part of the name and I think "Cathedral". The cabinet posting submitted had an early 1930's Scott in it. So I suspect the person submitting the entry to Radio Museum assumed it was a Scott cabinet as well.  Regardless it is a stunning cabinet.

That Scott offered in the early 1930's a cabinet named "Cathedral" added to the confusion, but the Scott cabinet of that name is markedly different. Indeed early Scott price lists seldom had a cabinet photo or illustration. There was scant reference information available until  Jim Clark assembled from many sources his remarkable original Scott Guide in the 1995.

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