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Was there a predetermined cabinet mount location (mapping) for the VE, or was it discretionary ? There are two 90* mount tabs and this one has the single variable pot that likely required a second hole of unknown location.

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Hi Dave,

In the Scott Info Archives (tab at the top of this website page) under ACCESSORIES you will find a "documentl" for the Volume Expander. in it you will find a couple of layouts for the expander.

Thank you Fran, I really should explore what’s under our thumbs right here !!

As you explore the outboard volume expander documentation, you will see how it is placed either 1) next to the receiver on the left as you face the front of the receiver  OR if there is not room, behind the receiver if there is enough room on the receiver shelf. Has a lot of wires to connect. A hole is  drilled fairly high on the left side of the cabinet for the expander control. The hard to find " EXPANDER" escutcheon is positioned over the shaft and secured by a small bronze screw and by a hex nut over the escutcheon.

Thanks David, I have not seen a photo showing such, any one with interior and exterior shots of this units parts installed ?

Dave - go to Scott Info  Achives at the top of the site home page.

Then click on SET FOLDERS.

The find ALLWAVE 23  and open the file 

Last, choose Expander Documentation.pdf

Several pages, instructions and an illustration of placement.

Thanks David. The more I read it seems this was an add on and placement, along with exterior hole location, were discretionary. Wonder how many sets left factory prefitted. 

EH Scott Radio Laboratories shipped the radio chassis from the factory.  The cabinets were shipped separately from the cabinet manufacturer.  All were assembled at the customers house by the new owner or by a Scott authorized service representative.


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