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OK folks, since many of us are stuck at home - what Scott projects are you working on? We've seen a lot from Rob, he's keeping busy! I have started to scan all the correspondence I have...many hundreds of pages of letters to and from Scott Labs. the Scott Info Archive, I have added a folder "Correspondence". I've put one neat story out there. As I get more scanned, I'll add them. I'm hoping to make the files searchable, so we can find key words and such in all the documents. If you all have something interesting, send them to me in any format:



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One more this morning...a series of letters between Mr. R. H. Kuhnert and Scott regarding the purchase and problems of a set in 1933-1934. Note in the very last letter (Oct 1934), Scott mentions the two-speed tuning control. It is things like this which give us dates in the timeline of Scott developments. If you have something unique, it would add to the history! 

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