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Does anyone recognize this cabinet?  Is it a Scott cabinet?  I can't find it in the archives.

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found it! Thanks Jim.

Wellington cabinet

Thanks David.  This was at an auction and I couldn't find it in the archives for some reason.  Jim Clark was at the auction as well and identified it for me.  It is now mine!  It came from a private collection in CA. It along with a pointer dial in a Gothic Grand cabinet. Also now mine.


Congrats on an excellent buy, is the chassis as nice as the cabinet.


I'll post pics.  Chrome is quite nice on both radios.  I may have to get rid of the Zenith grille cloth!

Here's the Wellington BOL Philly, SN RR139.

And here's the Gothic Grande pointer dial, SN KK86:

Both really nice. And nice chrome.

Your pointer Philly is a "sister" to mine what with that KK prefix to the serial number and in having the Chicago dial. Not many of those Chicago stations remain, and a couple of those have changed ownership and character.



Norman,  you may have known the owner of these radios.  His entire musical instrument collection was auctioned off here in Michigan.  Nick Monios from, I believe, the LA area.

Tweeter question.  Obviously the tweeters in the pointer dial Gothic are EH Scott.  The tweeters in the Wellington BOL are not marked.  Did Scott use these, or are they a later add-on?

The ones in the Wellington are also Scott speakers. They used a number of suppliers along the way, some are marked, some not. But I have seen (and have advertising images of) those same speakers in many other Scott sets.

These two sets are quite original.


Thanks Kent.  Did you have those serial numbers?  If so, is there any info on who may have done the work on the radios in the past?

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