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Would someone be so kind as to explain the difference between a couple of Scott Phantom Deluxe tuners?  I have two Scott Phantom Deluxe tuners, each with 8 knobs, AM/FM (old FM) and logging scales with a single magic eye.  I have yet another Phantom Deluxe tuner with 8 knobs, AM/FM, logging scales and 2 magic eyes.  This Phantom, though, has an additional 5 tubes on it and the chassis is wider than the other two Phantoms.  I did not see any information in the schematics or any manuals on the site for this model...although I am sure I am simply missing them.  Are these both called Phantom Deluxe tuners?  Was the one tuner with the additional magic eye, wider chassis and more tubes simply an option or was this just a later model Phantom Deluxe?  Thanks much!  Forrest

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The Phantom Deluxe chassis with a single tuning eye is AM only.  If the dial scale has the pre-war FM band, it is the wrong dial scale.


Norman,  I just checked these dials out and you are correct.  These have the correct dial scales on them.....the bottom scale on the single eye tuners are not FM.  So, I assume the extra 5 tubes as well as the extra magic eye on the larger Phantom chassis is for the pre-war FM?  Do you know if there is a schematic for that chassis on this site?  I could not find it.  Thank you for the answer!  Much appreciated.

No consolidated schematic exists for the AM-FM Phantom.  Use the service data for the Phantom Deluxe plus the FM service data.


The FM service data circuit info is in Riders Vol 14, under Scott starting page 4 for Philharmonic Combination. Applies to the FM versions of the Philharmonic, Phantom and the rare Scott FM tuner.

Note: the the FM Philharmonic deletes the 5 tube volume expander feature, of the standard Philharmonic  and the expander eye is replaced the FM tuning indicator. The Phantom just adds the FM tubes and circuits. By then (1940)   5U4 rectifiers are seen.

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