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I am curious to know who among us deviates from the first love of buying Scott radios and starts thinking of McMurdonSilver sets of the same vintage? Production wise Scott's were produced in numbers many times the output of Silver so finding these presents more of a challenge. But are they really better in general as I have heard many say? I don't think their cabinets are as interesting for the most part. How do they hold their value in comparison? Are parts harder to find and does restoration present more of a challenge? A lot if questions which would all be moot unless "Scottsmen" are interested in them. One of my first consoles was a Scott. But then I bought a Midwest that had quite an interesting Deco cabinet. Recently I bought the grand Philco 37-690 based on ir's reputation of being among the best and I was not disappointed. So now after reading about the "amaziing" sound the 18 inch Jensen in an enclosed Clifton cabinet sounds when driven by a set like the Masterouece VI. My curiosity has been aroused. Are any available or will prices even in this depressed market be out of reach? Whaddya think?.BTW, HAPPY NEW YEAR to all!!!.

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A good portion of the membership here is interested in McMurdo Silver radios as well as Scott radios. McMurdo Silver radios are the primary interest of a couple members. The later Masterpiece V and all Masterpiece VI consoles were the first consumer radios to incorporate a true high fidelity speaker enclosure allowing these receivers to outperform the receivers of peers with regard to audio quality. From an RF perspective, it is my opinion that the flagship Scott models outperform the competitive McMurdo Silver offerings across the board. I also find the construction quality of the Scott receivers to be superior to that of the McMurdo Silver receivers. If you are looking for one of the McMurdo Silver models with the bass reflex cabinet, budget around $6000 or take your chances and wait very patiently for a rare bargain. The 18-inch Jensen speaker is responsible for the high price of the Masterpiece V and VI receivers (value of set without this speaker is much lower). The Masterpiece II through IV models command approximately $500 to $2000+ depending on condition, cabinet, speaker, etc. The Masterpiece I is rare. A complete Masterpiece I chassis set with original speaker is likely to command $3000+.


Hi Norman. We can always depend on you for quick replies and informative posts. Just wanted to say that. I'm not that technically versed so must ask what the superior Scott RF does for a signal and sound quality? I appreciate solid construction. Can you be more specific? I have heard the McMurdo chrome holds up better. If the 18 inch speaker is so valuable then that would be the one to look for as an investment (I give myself only ten more years before I would scale down and move. My wife would do that now!). So what is the breakdown in value of the speaker vs the chassis. They tell me the V is as good as the VI but can it. Ate with the big speaker. Overall I find it frustrating to spend high dollars without being able to hear what you are getting. But then there are many who prefer buying unrestored.

Starting with the Scott AW-23 (compare to Masterpiece IV, V, VI), the Scotts had continuously variable selectivity and a sensitivity control.  At best the McMurdo Silvers had a four position selectivity switch which in the Masterpiece V and VI switched entire IF circuits into and out of the signal path.  I do not agree that the chrome on the McMurdo Silvers was any better than that used on the Scotts.  The chrome on the shield cans used by McMurdo Silver held up better, however, because McMurdo Silver used copper as a base metal for the shield cans whereas Scott used aluminum and zinc.  As far as the actual steel chassis goes, I have seen chassis from both manufacturers run the full gamut of conditions from full rust to mint.


Although I continue to collect Scott radios, I have shifted most of my collecting toward acquiring McMurdo sets.

My experience is they are fine radios and IMO the 15/17 sets are equal to any Scott in my collection as far as performance.

The cabinets were generally made by the same compay in Rockford Illinois, which I have visited and photographed.

I need to find a nice Masterpiece 1 to complete my McMurdo collection and have 3 of the 18" speakers which I hope will fund a whole year of toilet paper if we end up in a Mad-Max situation..

That could be a LOT of toilet paper Bruce. Do you plan on having diarrhea, lol, lol?!

Interesting that the 15/17 sets perform as well as their siblings. That being, said I think I would feel slightly "cheated" having only one chassis as other Scotts have spoiled me to expect two. Cabinets may have the same construction but I have not seen any McMurdos that have as good styling--unless you know of any. I know you will find a Masterpiece I in the future and wish you the best of luck. You are a great resource for all collectors of these advanced radios and I hope people here appreciate that as much as I do!

Hey Sam,

Assuming the Midwest you had is the same one I'm familiar with, it lives just a few miles from me and still going strong.

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