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Looks like it's time to check the piggy bank, I'd love to have one...

regards, Bill

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Indeed Bill, this is one to watch. The Specials seldom change hands, and never has one sold on ebay or in any open auction I am aware of. It will be interesting to see what the set brings if it passes the reserve. If the new owner is one of our members here, I will offer any assistance and help with the restoration. Those of us that have Specials and have restored them have made notes about the sets that may be helpful. For reference, this is the 9th complete set that I know about. There is also a set rumored to be disassembled, but I have little info on that.

Kent i know a ham has one but dont have his call heard him talking about it. Very few have i seen and only on Ebay.Angelo


After WWII the Scott military entertainment receivers were very popular in amateur radio circles.  They are very common and some are still employed by amateurs today and being referenced as Scott communications receivers.  Are you sure the ham was quoting use of a Scott Special Communications Receiver?  If so I would have immediately sent a reception report demanding a QSL!


Yes i am .He had the radio for years.Never thought of the QSL info next time i will. He knew what he had was rare.Angelo

A friend of mine knows this guy.  He mentioned to me about a year ago the number $20k for this set.  We will see what happens....

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