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The BIN price does not look too high to me...

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I would love a cabinet for my AW23, but not this one.   What I do not like about this cabinet is the horrible refinish job and the condition of some areas of the cabinet.  I also don't really like an AW23 in a Warrington.  It just does not seem right to me.  Believe it or not, I would prefer a simpler Tasman for my AW23. 

Actually I don't think it was refinished at all. I think one of the prev. owners just removed the original finish and may be applied some oil, that's it. I had one Warrington cabinet in a very similar condition.

I looked at it at Estes auction few weeks go. Confirmed, the finish removed and some kind on light finish like maybe Minwax. Cabinet had a kind of raw look to it in person. A canidate for a proper refinish. It is the late upsized Warrington - a deep cabinet sized for a Philharmonic. The escutcheons are strangely bright and looked to have been sprayed with gold paint or Krylon.

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