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Hi guys,

I have a line on one of these in a Warrington cab. The chrome is in very nice condition and the cabinet is clean. I'm looking for opinions on what this should go for? I'm thinking of putting in an offer. SN looks like "Z"-634.

Thanks, Bill

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Interesting speaker. No sockets on the base, 

Tweeters hard wired to the terminal strip?

Yes.  Paint on the baseplate does not match the paint on the pedestal.  I don't know details about the oddities of this speaker but it did come with an AW-27.


Interestingly, the AW-27 I have in a Warrington, did not come with tweeters.  Any thoughts?

I noticed just now, that the Warrington cabinet lacks the side grills and the receiver shelf is a few inches deeper than than the usual AW-23 sized Warrington. So, this cabinet would be the up-sized version Warrington intended to accommodate the new, considerable larger, deeper and taller Philharmonic receiver.  Explains why the extra long amp fits the cabinet.  This sized cabinet suggests to me this AW-27 was built mid to late 1937. 

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