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Well, this is all new to me actually.  I have been a audio enthusiast since my early teens (I'm 51 now) but old console radios have always been more of a curiosity to me than anything else.  I very much enjoy my tube based stereo systems and also run a mono set-up which at the moment consists of a old Pilot tube mono amplifier, a passive preamp, a Pilot mono tube tuner and University 315.

Recently, I had the opportunity to pick up a E.H. Scott Model 16 radio and am excited about the notion of getting it up and running.  The gentleman I purchased it from is a Ham radio guy that is currently in the process of reducing his inventory of misc. radios for DX'ing purposes and also had the 16. He got the radio from a old Ham radio guy that passed it along to him many years ago. He claims it works just fine but I would like to re-cap it. Particularly the power supply.  The radio seems quite complete other than the missing tube shields and dial whiskers that have been broken off.  I am still in the process of securing and picking up the outboard Field Coil speaker(s) for the radio.

The seller had not replaced any capacitors etc. for either power supply or receiver unit and was under the impression that everything was original.  I am questioning that after looking at the power supply (in particular) and am interested in getting some opinions on where to start.

Here is a link to my Photobucket file of photos I have started for it including under chassis shots:

Any thoughts, ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Ron

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Just an update:

Bruce was kind enough to hook me up if need be with the Scott/Magnavox 302 I needed to get up and running.  As it turned out, my guy came through this evening as promised and the speaker now resides in my basement. The driver is a little rough around the edges compared to the fine examples Bruce and Dave own but happy as heck to finally receive it. Hopefully we will be all systems go at some point in the near future.  Now were getting somewhere!



Wish you well with the speaker. Check it out carefully.

I have had 2 with open primary on half of the primary of the output transformer. And documentation from 1947 of a factory supplied output transformer on the speaker on my Scott Masterpiece, which uses the same model speaker as the Sixteen. So, I am batting 50% of good output transformers on this model speaker over the years.

And on another I solved a field coil problem on another by digging into the field coil wrapper enough to locate a bad solder joint there the lead-in wire connects to the fine wire of the coil.

-Dave Poland

Hi Dave!

By all reports, the driver I have functions well but won't know for sure until I have everything up and running. It's nice to know that you were able to successfully troubleshoot one (anyway) if I run into issues. The outer jacket on one section of the lead wiring on mine appears to be missing. This driver could have been repaired and some point (thus the missing jacketing) or possibly never there to begin with.  Not sure what to make of that yet but I'm hopeful that it's not a problem area.

Even if everything is a go, I would still like to find a way to add a tweeter for HF over and above where the 302 runs out of gas. One of the nice Motorola Piezo's may work well for this because of their high impedance and benign impact on the amplifier. I'm not sure where, how or what would be the best way to introduce it yet though.  Possibly from the headphone jack.

Hello guys,

I'm not sure if this is the appropriate place to mention this or where that would be so here goes,..

It looks like there may be a move for us in the near future and that is forcing me to thin the herd as it were. I am just not going to have the room for a lot of my electronics and that unfortunately includes the Model 16. I will be selling it along with the Magnavox 302 field coil speaker.

If anyone here is interested, please let me know. I will be open to conversation regarding value and am just looking for a fair price.

 If this wants to be moved elsewhere, please let me know and I will do so or remove it entirely. 

Thanks, Ron


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