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Here's another photo of my Phantom Deluxe FM. This time a rear view which shows the two tweeter hole covers which I theorize may be original. There is no indication of a crossover chassis ever having been mounted on the lower shelf as there are no extra mounting wood screw holes. If there were tweeters originally mounted then why bother with the very neatly made and mounted covers once the tweeters were removed? Has anyone ever seen tweeter hole covers like these on another Scott? 

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Yes, I have an AW 23 with completely round hole covers, definitely factory.
I have not seen original hole covers exactly like these...all the ones I have seen are round and fully cover the opening. Hard to say though, as it could have been a much later update. With that speaker you would need a crossover box to run the tweeters, so it may never have been there and the tweeters never installed.

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