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Slightly off normal topics but does anyone know the home address for EH Scott in both Chicago and post retirement in the Vancouver area ? I wanted to to do a google map look at the homes.

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Bruce -

Why yes, I do have those :-)

The home in Chicago is gone, the street has been moved slightly and all new homes in that area. So...not much to look at there. 

I will have to dig up his Victoria address - I'll look tonight. There is nothing left of his there, all was cleaned out in the late 80s/early 90s. I'll send the address along when I locate it.


Bruce (& all) -

The house in BC was at 3441 Mayfair, Saanich.

The Chicago house was at 640 Linden Ave, Highland Park, IL. Again, this house is no longer there.


Very interesting Kent! I did lots of trips to Saanich over the years, for SCUBA diving. And looking at the maps, I visited the water reservoir near where his house would have been!

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