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This is my first post on the site. Have followed various discussions for a year or so. Purchased a pre-war FM Philharmonic 18 months ago. The gentlemen who is restoring the radio is in need of an assembly and hoped someone on the site may be able to help. The assembly is listed as- audio diode, transformer and coil. He is using Riders volume 14 page 58, reference of L6. He says that the coil is open, probably due to a failed resistor. Would like to find the entire component assembly and not just the coil as he says that the access to the individual components is very difficult. He mentioned that the  info in Riders does not reflect this particular radio accurately. The serial number of the AM Philharmonic FM radio is RR-448. This radio has the non-pedestal speaker, crossover and tweeters. Any assistance would be appreciated.

Rod Haney


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Thanks for posting your note and inquiry.  I have a spare audio diode available.


Hi Norman, Nice speaking with you this morning, thanks so much for the help.

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