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Hello all!
I'm new to the group but I have recently acquired a scott 16 in fantastic shape and a scott phantom deluxe in not so great shape. I can find alot of info on my phantom deluxe but barely anything on the scott 16. Does anyone have any info such as a readable schematic, any info on the console at all or even old ads? These are the first 2 scotts I've owned and I got both around the same time and I'm quickly becoming obsessed. I've recapped most of the scott 16 and it is one amazing set. Thanks for any help!

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Hi Harley.  I did a 16 a little over a year ago.  Did you look in the "Scott Info Archive" under the set folders?  You'll find the schematic and instruction manuals.  I did purchase a clearer schematic from Steve Johnson:

Hope this helps!

Oh wow I did not check that until now, thank you!!  I'll check out this schematic and probably purchase one myself since the ones I find are very hard to read.  Just have a few lytics in the tuner that I cant see values on to replace and a schematic would be real handy!  Thanks again! Here are a few photos on my 16!

Nice. Acousticraft cabinet, same as mine.  Your's looks to be in better condition than mine was.  I had to have the chassis re-chromed as there was a lot of rust.  I still haven't refinished the cabinet.  Not as nice as yours.  Mine is sitting on my bench and I listen to it often.  I need to get at the cabinet - been procrastinating!  I have a thread here that shows pics of my project.  Let me know what caps you need the value of and I may be able to help.

Harley -  Congrats.

Don't overlook the soldered box inside the tuner -has several caps inside to replace. (4 as I recall).

The two pinch style knobs belong on the two outermost shafts.

If you have Riders volumes, diagram is in Vol 14.

Yep that can is the main one I need to figure out! That can, a few more paper caps, and a belt to replace the hair tie that im using for the tuning belt and she will finally be done.

I'm thinking the 4 caps inside the box are all .5 mfd.  Unfortunately, the schematic doesn't designate them as being together in a can, so I can't be sure.

For a belt, here's a quote from my thread on my 16:

I found a belt that seems to work well.  It's a flat belt that is almost 1/4 inch wide.  I thought I might have to trim it but it just fits between the flanges.  Ordered a 9" circumference, an 8.8", and an 8.6".  The 8.8" seems to be perfect.  They have lots of sizes.

Elliott Electronic Supply

I believe the stock number is FBM8.8.  It works perfectly!

Thank you very much for all of your help Rob! I purchased a schematic just waiting for the email and I also purchased one of the 8.8'' belts that you recommended.  The square soldered can inside of the chassis I couldn't read at all.  You're saying it has 4 .5mfd caps in there? I assume the can is the ground?  Once everything comes in I'm going to try to replace the last few hard to get to .05 caps, that cap can, the belt and then she should be perfect!  This is one of my favorite radios by far.  Thanks again!!

If you look at the schematic, you'll see 4 .5 mfd caps around the 1st AF.  According to the photos I took of mine during disassembly, these are the 4 caps that are in the can.  I used all 630 volt, .47 mfd film caps.

Yes on the 4 caps @ .5 mfd. 2 @ 200 volts and 2 @ 400 volts.  The metal box is ground.

I cut the wires near the box. Used Dremel tool to cut the box open on one side. Melted out the contents (messy).

I just used 630 volt film caps @ .47 mfd. Matched new wire color from the caps and spliced onto the original wires to avoid disturbing old solder joints. Hot glue to secure the new caps in the metal box and remounted the metal box.

There are two sizes of dial belt depending. From the GC belt catalog.

#119   circum  9 17/32".    cut length 10 1/2".

#152.              9. 23/32.                     10 11/16.  

The Scott Sixteen (& Eighteen), Scott 14 tube Masterpiece and Scott Phantom 19 tube all use the same Scott version special Magnavox speaker with 2 field coils.  I have encountered some 6V6 output transformers with half open primary on these models. I have found no modern replacement correct for the 38 ohm voice coil. But I have a remedy using the Hammond 15 watt universal replacement output transformer and adding turns to decrease the ratio primary to secondary, if anyone needs help.

I measured my original belt and then ordered 3 around that length and found the 8.8" to work perfectly.  Hopefully it will work for yours as well.

My output transformer had been replace with some universal transformer  that, no doubt , was incorrect.  David was kind enough to send me one with an open winding that I completely rewound.  that way I knew I had one that would match original specs.  Since your radio is working fine, I would assume that your output transformer is ok.  Resistance measurements would verify that.  If you're not into rewinding a transformer, David's mod would be the easiest.

Thank you for the new pics.  It looks like you have a pristine example of a 16!  I had to do a lot of work to get mine to look as good as yours.  I still need to get the cabinet refinished.

Thank you guys for all the help!   Luckily my OT seems to be ok.  I rarely come across Scott sets and usually when I do its just a chassis so I couldn't pass up this console when I found it!  This thing is one of my favorite sets already and the sensitivity on it is crazy with my zenith wave magnet antenna!  Ive been listening to it almost all day today.  It's such a great performer!

What is the serial number of your set? I'd like to add it to the data we have. Thanks!


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