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Hello all!
I'm new to the group but I have recently acquired a scott 16 in fantastic shape and a scott phantom deluxe in not so great shape. I can find alot of info on my phantom deluxe but barely anything on the scott 16. Does anyone have any info such as a readable schematic, any info on the console at all or even old ads? These are the first 2 scotts I've owned and I got both around the same time and I'm quickly becoming obsessed. I've recapped most of the scott 16 and it is one amazing set. Thanks for any help!

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Hi Kent,

The serial number is CC233.  I also found a date stamped inside of the chassis that reads October 12th, 1937.

Hi all, this is Tom , northern California. I also have Scotts, a Phantom, a model 16, and an Allwave. The Phantom is all done and works well except a hum that I need to find. I just finished the Model16 and am ready to align it. Is it also 465kc for the IF frequency?
It's serial number is JJ-176, Acoustacraft cabinet, same as my Phantom.

I am not sure if my post actually worked, but I got my Model16 up and running, just needs alignment.Serial # JJ-176, Acoustacraft also, same cabinet as my Phantom.

Is the I F frequency 465kc?


Next is the Allwave I have  with a great cabinet and poor chrome.


yes - 465 KC per Scott documentation.

Select INFO ARCHIVE at top of this page, then select SET FOLDERS, and select 16-18 (for the model 16).

Review and/or print the Service Manual. If you don't have the owner's instruction manual, print it too.

Well last night I finished the last few .05 caps, the 2 MFD can, and the can with the 4 .5 caps in it.  Sensitivity is just amazing with this set and my wavemagnet antenna.  There was a slight hum that wouldnt go away until reading about certain tubes and spiral heaters.  After replacing a metal 6k7 and a metal 6j5 with the old style, the hum is gone and this thing is perfect!

I "scan the bands" periodically with mine and also listen to some AM broadcasts on.  They are excellent radios.  Eventually I'll get my Acousticraft cabinet restored so that I can get the radio and speaker in their proper place.  That should enhance the sound considerably.  Happy to hear that all is well.

The later production Model 16's have a hum adjustment pot on the amp near the rectifier tubes.

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