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Big news folks! This week I purchased and moved a fairly good size collection of Scotts. I got four cabinets, 3 of those with sets, and about another dozen tuners and amps. I'm working on matching things up - trying to create complete, restorable sets to sell. I may have other odd chassis available too. The attached pic shows some of the chassis without cabinets. Look in the Archive in the cabinets section and see the 1941 Regency cabinet I got in this group too. It is the only example I am aware of. 


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One item from this collection I am selling is a very complete and restorable Scott Masterpiece in a Braemar cabinet. If you have interest in this set - let me know. The Masterpiece sounds great restored. 



Email sent

Wow Kent! Quite the haul!

I note a Philharmonic power supply (?) in the bottom right corner of your picture that must be made for 25 cycle power...I've never seen a Scott with a transformer that size!

Brad - that amp chassis is a bit longer to accommodate the 25 cycle power transformer, too.

I have seen obvious 25 cycle power transformers in black, but not in full chrome like this one.

Also, the over size 25 cycle power transformer is just fine with today's 60 cycle power. (but not the reverse)

I also have a Philharmonic Deluxe in the Warrington cabinet available - totally complete, very restorable. 


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