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I would like some advice on how to protect the chrome finish on my Scott AW25 chassis. The only thing I see in the Scott owners manual that discusses the chrome says to wipe with an oily cloth every couple of weeks. 


I'm guessing some of you on this group have some ideas. I appreciate your opinions.



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I have allways used a good cleaner car wax since 1978.Some like to use a chrome wax, i use a toothbrush and a paint brush to clean and dust with.Use a cotton tshirt to clean and wax and polish with..I cover  the set up helps keep it clean.Take lots of cleaning to get them shining ! Use a screw driver to clean in tight placeswith a rag.Best to clean and wax with all covers off ! Good luck.. Angelo : )

Yup. What Angelo said. 

I stripped my chrome covers all off and washed in soapy water to remove the heavy dirt then I used auto paste wax to bring them to a brilliant shine.  Forget the oily rag.  The oil film will just attract dust and make it a lot harder to clean in the future. 

I lake Turtle Wax Chrome  Polish.


Rather than a metalscrew driver to get cloth into tight places, try bamboo chop sticks from your local restaurant works well - long and the end can be shaped.

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