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I am scaling down due to moving and I am considering keeping only MP4 and MP5 while letting go an unmolested MP6 with a good 18" speaker in Oxford cabinet.  Here is my dilemma - I have seen too many MP5's and MP6's sold without a speaker, even by people I am considering collectors.  The temptation to make quick money by selling the speaker separately to Asia is too great I suppose.  I would like to sell the radio to a serious collector who will keep the radio intact, not to a flipper.  That makes it problematic to advertise the radio on line or bring it Kutztown meet.  So I am letting it known here where serious collectors reside.  If this is an inappropriate message then please let me know, I will delete.

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what condition is the cabinet and chrome in?

Kutztown has some notorious flippers.  A couple of Asian guys scan everything and if it can be flipped, they buy it.  I sold a 12" Western Electric speaker to one of them for $3200...It was NOT from a radio, but rather a remote speaker with a field coil power supply built in, maybe from a theater or something.  

I almost purchased a MP6 w/18" in a Oxford a few years ago, but someone nudged in and kept upping my offers.  It was in PA, so it was reasonable close for me to pick up. 

Jiri - Not inappropriate at all. I share your concern, too many of the high end sets are split up for $$. I hope we can find a good, safe home for this set, it should be kept together.


Jiri,  I am interested. I'm also new to the site. You can verify that I'm a serious collector with my local radio collector's club.  Thanks-

I added some pictures of the MP6.

I got the radio about 4 years ago, from Craigs list, from a well to do family (two Lotuses in the garage) who had the radio in the hallway bar as a conversation piece.  The initial asking price was quite low, comparable to a Philharmonic, but local flippers hit the seller with offers for the speaker only.  So he raised the price accordingly but still somewhat lower than the flippers offered since he preferred passing the radio intact... 

The cabinet was apparently redone, quite well, sometimes in the past.  The grille cloth was the choice of the lady of the house. Tuner chassis is dirty (I never cleaned it) but there is no rust.  Tuning is not stuck.  Power supply has few small rust pits but it should clean up nicely as well.  The speaker has both field coils good.  There are few tears but nothing is missing so the speaker is easily repairable.  The rear baffle is missing - I could trace the baffle from my MP5, it would not difficult to make a replica.  I never turned the radio on, it was a project in waiting.

I have two FM Phantoms in Acousticraft so one of them, with quite presentable cabinet, is available, and an AM Phantom in Braemar that needs renovation.  Just in a case someone wants to come with a truck....

I forgot to add - I am in SE Pennsylvania, about 20 minutes drive from the Kutztown radio meet site.

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