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I'm Eric and I joined your group about 5 hours ago.  I bought an E.H. Scott radio a few weeks ago and think it may be a "mini" or "baby" quaranta.  It looks like the one in the book "E.H. Scott...The Dean of DX"  that is in John Slusser's collection.  It has 19 tubes in the receiver, 8 tubes in the amp.  It shows two eye tubes in the front, seven knobs, and one bandswitch.  It is in the same cabinet as in the photo so it must be in a Ravinia Grande cabinet.  It does have an early Garrard turntable.

I am in need of any info on this set but mainly wonder if there are any schematics out there for it?  By the way, Kent, the serial number is Z-558.  I also have a Phantom Deluxe (AM only) in a Braemar cabinet that has a serial number of XX-162.


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That is a very good find!  Technically it is an optioned Full Range High Fidelity Receiver (with on board volume range expander) but has been nicknamed "baby Quaranta" and is commonly known as the AW-27 by collectors.  There are only about 12 or 13 Scott radios having this chassis set reported.  Of these, including the one that you have found, only three or four are in the Rivinia Grande cabinet.  Is the Garrard turntable a single play semi-automatic (shuts off at end of record) or a full changer?  Does it have a record lathe next to the turntable?  I presume that it has a Magnavox 15-inch pedestal speaker but is the basket cast aluminum or stamped steel?  Does it have the optional tweeters?  Photos?  Sorry for all the questions.  This is an exciting find.  Photos of my AW-27/Rivinia Grande can be viewed here...  I should add photos of the record changer + lathe.  No schematics have been found for this version of Scott chassis but I have some primitive wiring diagrams.



Thanks for the reply and specific info!  This is more than I was able to come up with on the net.  You have me at a disadvantage as the radio is currently in storage 30 miles away from my home.  I have no room for it in my house or shop right now!  Plus, it took 4 of us to move it where it is.   However, I do remember that it has an "Automatic Record Changing Unit" with a "record dropping feature" because I have the original manual that came with the Garrard record player.  I don't think it had a record cutter/lathe.  It does have two other speakers (tweeters?) besides the Magnavox pedestal speaker.  I can't remember whether the basket was steel or aluminum. 

I have the amp section out right now as it was a little worse for wear (surface rust, mouse droppings, etc.) and am going to try and clean it up a bit when I get the chance.  I would like to keep it as original as possible and the filter cans are really swollen on top.  I believe they could still be stuffed and saved.  I thought I would get a schematic before I did anything but I didn't realize it was that rare of a set. 

I am going out to check on it again in a week or so and I'll see if I can get some photos of it....



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