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Here is my first Scott. It's a Phantom FM Deluxe. So far, most of the work has been cleaning and sourcing missing parts. I had a guy up the way from me refinish the cabinet. Mark Palmquist gave her a fresh dial cover. The knobs are proper but are a mix of repro and original. Three things remain: Recapping, speaker cloth and alignment (as far as I know).













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Is that original chrome or did you have it re-chromed?  I'm always looking for plating options.

The chrome is original.

Cleaned up nicely. Your FM Phantom Deluxe has the "standard" 38 ohm speaker which has the output transformer mounted on it.

(There was an optional 4 unit high fidelity speaker system available as well using a different main speaker.)

Your cabinet is the BRAEMER, and several others were also available at various prices. 

Richmond Designs sells a repo of the cloth that may have been original to your cabinet, although the pattern is a smaller scale than the original and color is darker. Kenny Richmond calls it the "AZTEC" pattern. It is a so-so reproduction, in my opinion, but is the only version available in recent years.

The speaker board would have saw kerfs into which the cloth was stretched with wood strips hammered into the saw kerfs. I clean out glue remnants from the saw kerfs  and then install new cloth using screen spline (and installation tool) from the hardware store. Easy to adjust the cloth by pulling to some of the spine and reinstalling it as needed

I got the cloth from Richmond and installed it today. Not absolutely perfect but I'm pleased with the end result. My set may be outfitted with the base options but I'm happy to own ANY Scott. I never thought I would. 

The Phantom Deluxe is a good Scott radio. Hope you enjoy playing it. Try the phono input with a CD layer or perhaps an cell phone music application like Pandora. A preamp may be needed to increase signal input.

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