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I just joined the forum, so here's a little about myself.


I'm basically a Scott wannabe owner at this point. I collect radios & vintage TVs (, but haven't run across Scotts apart from a couple of 800Bs, which don't really count in this forum, I suppose.


I recently got a line on a 30-tube Philharmonic in a Warrington cabinet. It's on the opposite side of the US (I'm on the West coast, near Seattle). You might call the condition a low medium. Original, with all major pieces present, but needing total restoration. I'm communicating with the owner, but don't whether we'll be able to come together on price.


Anyway, that contact has whetted my interest in Philharmonics. Our house is so crowded that, in order to get something new, I have to get rid of something else. Which means being very selective. I've been doing mostly TVs for the last couple of years, so restoring one of these might be refreshing.


Phil Nelson

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Dear Phil,

I know your excellent web,several years ago,and it is impressive the enormous work developped for you to return this olds jewels to the pristine condition they have in this moment.

I have also an early Philharmonic in Warrington cabinet unrestored of course,so I am expectating you made the restoration in yours receiver...


carlos insa

Phil -


I will echo Carlos message....welcome...


I hope that you will soon join the ranks as a Scott owner....there are many good sets out there. A Philharmonic is a large restoration, I know you are experienced, I certainly do not recommend a Philly for the novice restorer.


This forum allows us to share knowledge, photos....however, it does not have a good document repository. If you do obtain a Scott and need documentation, please contact me. I can provide manuals and service data for most sets in PDF format.


Good luck in your search, and again, welcome!



Welcome aboard Phil,

Let us know how you make out.



I know the crowded feeling.


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