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One of my wishes for the New year is to find a Phil in a Laureate Grande cabinet (possibly just a cabinet). Rare as hen's teeth I know and I've never actually seen one. I have seen a couple of AW23s in the smaller version. Does anyone actually have one? Might they share a photo or two?

HNY, Bill

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Thanks Bruce,

That is one beautiful radio! Didn't realize that the whole top flipped up. One day I may ask to drop by and take measurements if I don't find one.


The Laureate Grande cabinet is among several AW-23 cabinets designs that were enlarged to accommodate the larger, taller Philharmonic chassis.. It is 3 inches higher, 3 1/2 inches wider and 2 1/2 inches deeper than the AW-23 cabinet version - according to comparison of price lists.

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