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Which Scott model used the plug in band select coils? I thought it was the AW-12 but am not sure.

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The Scott Allwave Superhetrodyne receiver (AW-12, two dial) is best known for using plug-in band select coils. The coil set was standard equipment with this model. A set of short wave plug in coils were available as an option for the World's Record Screen Grid 9 receiver and an optional short wave converter using plug-in short wave coils was available for the World's Record Shield Grid 9 and the AC-10. The Allwave Deluxe (AW-12, singled dial), Allwave Fifteen, and Full Range High Fidelity Receiver (AW-23) did not use plug-in coils. The RF and oscillator coils of these later receivers were mounted on a rotating turret under the chassis.
Yes,I made a mistake,I confused the plug-in-coils with turret with coils :-)
That answered my question, thanks. I knew it was one of the Scotts but just not which one.

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