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Has anyone made reproduction pointer/indicator wires, as used in the AW12, AW15, and AW23?

Need one here to fit an AW12.

Thanks for looking.

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When needed, I just bend my own from piano wire purchased at a hobby shop.  There is not much market for such an easily made part.



Thank you for the reply.

In my case, unfortunately, this AW12 indicator/pointer was broken when acquired. Just a stump, if you please. Broken piece missing in action. It would help to have a good sample of one to copy.

By the way, are these the same part for the 12, 15, and 23?

Thanks again.

Based on the placement of the meter in the circuit, I suspect the AW-15 and AW-23 use the same tuning meter, but I the AW-12 meter may be different.

Haven't had an occasion to find out because, for my one problem meter  I was able to repair fine coil wire break at the solder connection.


Thomas was asking about the pointers, not the meter.  I suspect the pointers are all the same but I have not checked.  FYI, the AW-12 meter is different than that used for the AW-15 and AW-23.  The meter mounting post was on the opposite side and the full scale deflection might be different (again, I have not checked).


Thanks to all for your replies.

I still need the measurements of, or to borrow a sample pointer to recreate what this Allwave Twelve is missing.

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