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I joined this forum back in January when I first became aware of the Scott radios and decided then that I wanted one. I have been sort of halfway looking for one but not really searching hard because I wanted to learn more about them first. I corresponded with a few of you here and Angelo kindly offered to show me his Scott sets when I attend the Nashville Swap Meet in April.


Well I atttended the Charlotte meet this weekend and stumbled onto a Scott Allwave 15 Chassis complete with power supply and speaker, consigned to the auction there. My hand went up and stayed in the air till I was the new owner and I brought it home this evening. I haven't yet unloaded it from the back of my SUV so it is still in the garage till tomorrow.


Now I need some advice from the people here about the care and feeding of a Scott and what to do next. There is no faceplate and of course no cabinet so I will have to search for those if they exist and hopefully some of you can point me in the right direction.


I am not in a hurry and in fact had no intention of buying a Scott this soon so I plan to take my time in putting together this masterpiece. I did get some paperwork with the set and hopefully that will provide me with some guidance as well.


I will try to post some pictures as I get them and look forward to the beginning of this (probably long) restoration.




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Kent, serial number is K284

Tube lineup: 56,56,56,56,56,56,58,58,58,58,57,Wunderlich in receiver chassis.  5Z3,2A3,2A3 in Power Supply. The schematic I have shows a 58 where the 57 is but the socket is engraved with 57.


I haven't looked to see if it has been recapped yet-workbench is full right now and I am in no hurry to start this restoration project. I plan on taking my time and doing it right. I'm not going to let my excitement push me to work too quickly.



Frank Shafer said:

Thanks Kent,will do.

Kent King said:

Frank -


Looks good...a very restorable set. If you can post or send me two things, I'll see what we can do about a schematic. First, I'd like to get the serial number for the database. It probably won't help me a lot with the schematic, but I am always collecting serial numbers. More importantly, send me the tube lineup on the tuner chassis. From that, I can make a pretty good stab at finding a schematic.


The biggest item to worry about will be the filter caps in the power supply. If someone has added new units underneath the chassis, and it looks like decent work, you'd probably be safe plugging everything in and bringing the set up on a Variac. If the caps are still all original, I would not try the set until you go through at least the power supply and restore it. The speaker does look like its been reconed, but that isn't an issue....looks like a good job.


Let me know on the serial number and tube lineup and I'll send you what I have available.



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