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I need to rechrome a bunch of parts: escutcheons, tube shields and coil shields from several McMurdo Silver chassis.  Anyone have a recommendation as to someone to do this?

Has anyone tried any of the various "spray-on" chrome products?

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None of the spray on products really work well in my opinion. Of course, sending parts out for chroming is expensive. One company, "Caswell plating" has do it yourself kits for parts that fit in a 5 gallon bucket. I have not used the chrome kit but do have the zinc plating system and it's fairly easy. You may wish to investigate.

regards, Bill

Thanks for the input Bill.  I spoke with a person at a Norfolk VA plating shop and they told me the spray-on turns brown after a few years.  Basically a paint product, so that is not an option. I'll check out the Caswell plating lead.  Am going to see a shop in Roanoke, VA on Saturday, he claims he can do aluminum.  I'll post the results.

Hi Phil,

What about te results to rechrome your McMurdo?

Do you have pics of the results?

Best Regards.


Had several systems rechromed by company in California.  Expensive and was handled by a local representative so I have no details except to know it was excellent work and was a 5 stage process.  The representative went out of business so I am looking for another company for some more pieces I need done.   Best of luck!  BTW - I am looking for a Jensen Super Giant for use with a Masterpiece V.  Money is no object.  Phil

Advanced Plating in TN. One of the best shops. They do lots of mail order business.

Thanks Scott!!

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