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Hi All,

New member here. I am the proud owner of a Philharmonic (red band) in a Warrington cabinet. (will add some pictures soon) 

I'd like to restore it.  I know that it will need extensive re-capping at a minimum, and no, I'm not plugging it in!

The cabinet has two issues. First: the Veneer on the left side was water damaged and while it seems to be fully intact, it is discolored and warped away from the side. The underlying veneer is also loose beneath it in the center of the panel.  

Second- the small piece of scrollwork/molding that wraps from the front off  to the left is broken and half is missing. 

I'm on Long Island. Any good cabinet restorers in the NY/NJ area? Anyone make repro  trim pieces? 



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Thanks Dave,

I have frequency counters, but I'll have to obtain the RF oscillator. And I do have the cabinet top.


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