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All, does anyone happen to have a high quality scan of the SAMS photofact covering the 800B?  I'm getting ready to attack mine and it seems like a photofact would come in handy.  I'd also like to hear what components likely needs to be replaced.  I'm planning on replacing all the electrolytic caps and normally I'd swap all the paper caps but these are all difficult to get to.  It looks like I'd have to disconnect them for testing so at that point I might as well re-stuff all the bathtubs.  If the paper caps are  likely to be good I'll just swap the electrolytics.  I'm still a month or two away from starting on this project but I'd like to hear from folks that have restored a 800B  so I can begin planning.  What are the common problems that need to addressed?  Once it's up and running I'll do the tone modifications.  I haven't powered it up yet but I was told it was functional minus the motorized tuning.  Also, is it safe to wax the chrome chassis or will it burn off when things get warm?



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Thanks Ralph.  I am away from my resources at the moment and will hopefully get back to you with a total cost for the push button assembly plus three push buttons by the end of this week.


Hi Norman
Actual buttons are ok just the electrical parts are damaged


Thanks.  I did not have a chance to dig out the parts and provide a quote including shipping between trips.  This trip will be 2-weeks.  Hopefully I will remember to dig out the part and send a quote shortly after I return.


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