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Schematic for Dividing Network Box (Phantom)

I believe this box goes with my recent Phantom Deluxe acquisition (rather than the Phantom Deluxe AM/FM)

Anyone know where I can find a schematic for it?


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Joe, ...  Appears two amps are Philharmonic and one is Phantom. Two 12 inch speakers sounds custom.

The Jones plug changeover appears to suggest later 1941 production or the small 1942 production .


Phantom amps always have a pair of 6J5, pair of output tubes and pair of rectifiers. Philharmonic amps also have 6 tubes, but no 6J5s and always FOUR  6L6 output tubes along with a pair of rectifiers.

The amp with two 6J5s next to two 6L6s and the 5U4s is a late Phantom amp- for the FM/AM  receiver (or a late AM Phantom with logging scale). 

Amps with four 6L6's (and no 6J5s) are Philharmonic amps -  pointer and BOL amps briefly used 83Vs then 5Z3's.  But  in 1940, BOL Philharmonics added the logging scale both AM and FM/AM changed to 5U4s..

Earlier Phantom amps with two 6V6's, two 6J5s on the end and two 5V4s (or 5Y3s)  are earlier Phantoms without logging scale.

* From what info I have: the Spring 1940 updates to the Philharmonic and Phantom thus:

-added the curved logging scale window to the dial for both.

-changed both to 5U4 rectifiers. Changed the Phantom to (pair of) 6L6 outputs.

-changed Phantom field coil to match the Philharmonic 925 ohm tapped single field coil and 38 ohm VC.

-not sure if the Phantom speaker was always 12 inch or sometimes 15 inch like the Philharmonic.

-optional 4 unit speaker system with outboard crossover.


I just rechecked and all 3 of the amps have 2 6J5s. So i think that means they are for the 3 phantoms.

Six-tube amps with pair 6J5's are for Phantoms.

The Jones plug FM Phantom cable is a no brainer  - for the amp set with Jones socket. I think you will find the smaller cable out go the Set Jones plug go to the on/off switch.

The AM/SW Phantom with logging scale - likely the Amp with  6J5's next to the 6L6s mid chassis.

The red band Phantom, no logging scale - I would expect an amp with 6V6's, not 6L6's. Look carefully at the tube number embossed on the socket.

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