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Hello everybody:

Continuing with the restoration of my Scott 800B, for the amplifier I checked all the bathtube capacitors and replaced them with new ones because they had important leakages. I change all the electrolitic cap.s and carbón resistors.  The amplifier is working fine now.

As soon as possible I will start with the receiver module, meanwhile I was taking a look on the Webster-Chicago 356-1 and unfortunatelly it does not come with the original variable reluctance cartridge. It was changed by a cristal one.

I was reading reviews of GE and other cartridges used on this kind of record changer in order to decide what type I can buy and install in order to back to the original Webster-Chicago 356-1.

Considering that I want to use the cartridge with my Scott 800B for LP 33  1/3 (Mono and Stereo records) and just a few 78 records, Could you recommend me a brand and model, please?

All the suggestions will be very welcome.

Thank you very much and kind regards,

José Bustos

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The Thorens CD-40 seems to have been the most common phono Scotts provided. The 78 only changer is a solid changer with interesting features, including a variable delay available between records. I restored an 800B with that original changer for someone and I enjoyed playing it. The cartridge was good, but I don't know if it was a replacement.

Thorens brought out a 3 speed version (Concert CD-43)   that looks almost identical to the CD-40. I have one to restore, missing only the 45 changer adapter. It has the GE 78/33/45 Variable Reluctance mono cartridge that Norman described above.

David, did the Thorens CD-40 have a crystal cartridge? I've thought about replacing mine and putting a GE VR cartridge in it, but this one tracks at about 50 grams. The only way to lessen the tracking force is to bend the flat spring inside the arm and risk breaking it as a friend of mine did.


Tom, Norman:

Excellent comments and tips.

The 800B amplifier is ready, the receiver is almost done, new resistors, bathtubes recapped, electrolytic new ones. I will test the whole set next weekend.

If everything is fine, I will look for a cartridge on eBay, then all your teachings will be very useful to decide.


Thank you very much indeed. Gracias amigos !!!


Kind regards,





Tom - Probably a crystal cartridge. to match the standard phono input which was original (no add on preamp as would be needed otherwise) the later GE model VR pickup.

David, I made a temporary transition plate to mount an older GE cartridge (plus preamp) in my Capehart 400M and it sounded great. But it tracks at about 3 ounces and would destroy stylus and/or cartridge in short order. That changer requires heavy tracking force to properly engage the end of record change cycle. To me, the biggest weakness in these sets are the crystal cartridges and so-called rebuilt ones. I just wish there was a good work around. My 800B has an original late NOS Astatic that still sounds pretty good, but it's days are numbered.

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