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Hi everyone,

This has popped up for sale...I think it's an AC10.  It has a phonograph in the drawer. I'd like an opinion if it's a Scott cabinet, or a custom set? They want $600 for it...

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As I said over on FB...that is a "Buy It Now" item for sure!

Thanks for the advice Kent, both on FB and here. My friend will be going to look at it. It's about 7 hours away from me.

Scott (then Scott Transformer Co) model AC-10 in the upscale Scott ORLEANS highboy cabinet.

Is the later version AC-10 by virtue of the smaller dial escutcheon - so likely 1930.

Probably has the single play record player, with the magnetic pick up (embossed ERLA) (mine still works).

Should have an black painted amp with two type 45 output tubes. and 9 inch inch ROLA pedestal speaker.

The record player has the radio/phono switch and record volume control.

Two cables connect the amp and receiver - you will need instructions on re-connect all the wires correctly.

Hope you get it.

Brad - If you have a chance, please post the pics you have on FB over here...too nice not to share!


All pictures are now posted in the picture section...


Thanks Brad! That is the best new find of 2020 so far. Super set!

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