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I am almost done with the tuner. Had a question about the pots Volume etc. These look like they may be sealed. Usually I flush them out with CRC contact cleaner blow it out with can air. Then follow up with Deoxit  F5 ( because it has more lube than the D5 ) or ( CRC 2-26 spray lube ). I dont do a lot of 30s radios. Any suggestion on how to maintain the pots?

Also polished up all the chrome with chrome polish. That is quite a job but it looks really good. Most of it is in good shape except for a few areas on the chassis.



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The pots Scott used are fairly tight and many don't suffer from dusty noises...I still spray them gently with an electronic contact cleaner and run them back and forth a few times. Try the set when you get it done and see how the controls sound. If they are scratchy, then more drastic steps might be taken to clean a troublesome control. 



Also I should have been more careful marking screws. On the tuner condenser there are 3.(I put in the longer ones there) Chrome tuner cover 2 plus a nut.(think it had one long and one short not sure) And the other square antenna coil ( I think) chrome cover has 3 (2 threaded tabs and one with a mounting slot). I see there are about 3 or 4 of these that are a little shorter. Is there some spots in the area above that should get the slightly shorter screws?

I just took a 23 apart last night. In this set (which has been worked on previously), the longer screws hold the tuning capacitor. The two on the smaller cover were the same length (fairly short).The longer of those were on the tuner cover. As long as they all reach/fit, it probably doesn't matter. I screw them into the parts I'm pulling off until I replace them.


Thanks Kent!

That sounds like good practice. Odd thing was I also have an N535 serial # 23. It had 1 long and 1 short in the tuner Chrome cover.

I was thinking maybe they were keeping it as short as possible on the one closer to the center. To keep it as far away from the tuner when fully open. Thats probably overkill . I have 5 3/8 #10 and 2 5/16 #10 screws. (Think there are #10x32).

I put 3 of the 3/8 in the tuner. 2 of the 3/8 in the tuner cover. And 2 of the 5/16 (the shorter 2 in the square chrome coil can cover) That sound like how yours was.

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