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Scott Chassis - matching power supplies and speakers

I just had the opportunity to purchase about 6 Scott chassis, from a 16 to a Philharmonic.

What is the easiest way to match power supplies to chassis?

And how to match speakers to chassis?

I would rather sell as complete sets rather than parting out.


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Agree with Kent.

The Sixteen amp has 4 tubes - a pair of 6V6 output tubes and a pair of 5V4 rectifiers.

FYI - The tube sockets for almost every Scott model has the tube numbers imbossed on the sockets. Look closely.

I think we have it all sorted out now.

At least I now know what I have to sell :)

I just emailed pictures to those of you that expressed an interest in the Philly.

If you do not receive, please message me and I will send out


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