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I have been a member for a relatively short time and I want to comment on the quality and character of our members. As I am new to radio restoration I hoped to use this site as a source of reference. I see it is more than that. My questions and questions from others new to Scott restorations have been replied to by members that care and take pride in helping the membership. They have also displayed character  and fair play when dealing with others looking for suggestions regarding selling Scott equipment. Always looking to maintain integrity with the Scott name. 

Another example of what I mean was displayed yesterday at the Estes auction by David Poland. There were a large amount of Scott chassis for sale from AW23 to 800B to Phantoms to Laureate, etc. Dave was gathering serial numbers for Kent and began noticing things did not look right. The Estes rep mentioned to Dave they intended selling the power supplies with the tuners. Dave immediately recognized most of the equipment was not paired properly. He took it upon himself to spend his time making sure the Estes rep rearranged all of the chassis so all bidders would be receiving matched chassis. During the auction when the Estes crew could not identify what they had on the block, he stepped to the plate and identified the equipment before they began the bidding. Dave guaranteed the integrity of the Scott equipment and Estes auction.

I am proud of what Dave did and proud to be a member of the Scott enthusiasts.


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Bob -

Yes, this group is really a great bunch! I notice that many of the chassis sold at Estes then turned up on ebay. In the end, they will probably get split up again and again...sad, but I guess that is the way sometimes. I think many of the folks here focus first on the history and preservation, and that is what makes it a great group effort!


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