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As most of you know, I've been gathering and analyzing Scott serial numbers for over 20 years. I have a couple requests....first, if you haven't sent me your serial numbers, please do. Also...if any of you have a confirmed date for a set/serial number, please send me that. There is a warranty tag on ebay at the moment, these are great, since they have the date and serial number on them. A letter with a date is also good confirmation. I would greatly appreciate any info you fellows can provide. I'll post more about serial numbers here in the future.


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Just an update on my last post.  I just returned from viewing a large collection of a local long time radio collectors estate currently being sold  online right now.  If you are interested go to Sargent Auctions Service Grandbury, Texas. The Auction ends this Saturday.  There are three Scotts.  A Phantom Deluxe ( XX 214), an Allwave 12 (C 197) and a Philharmonic (which is beautiful) (XX 34).  I saw what radios are coming in the next auction and their were Midwests, McMurdo-Silvers etc.  Good stuff.


Thanks, greatly appreciate those numbers. I was looking at those sets on the auction site today, but I'm glad to get the serial numbers.

Today I bought a Phantom AM/FM Deluxe in Louis XV cabinet, serial # KK253. Invoice to owner is dated 8/24/40.

Interesting - My 1938 pointer Philharmonic is about 15 numbers lower than your KK ser#.

The rare Louis XV cabinet is impressive (I have one with AM Phantom Deluxe) and bigger than one might expect.

Zenith used this cabinet for the 15-U-273 for 1938.

Thanks, that number helped a LOT! The Phantom's begin at 250 for that prefix, so it is one of the first Phantoms with the KK prefix.The date really helps to define the break point between the Phillies and the Phantoms.

I wasn't sure where to post this picture of the invoice. That Louis XV cabinet was cheap. I covered the owner's address, but it was San Francisco.


Spl Allowance - Sometimes they would simply charge the difference between two if you had a sale with a "free" Warrington, say a $25 cabinet, you could order a better cabinet and take the $25 off. So maybe the allowance here was another cabinet, difference in price was $10. 

Great set, very nice documentation and a very pretty cabinet.



I am relatively new to this but saw you are collecting serial numbers.  I have three different Phantom receivers.  Two I will be selling, along with one power supply.  I have a third Phantom and power supply with excellent chrome that I am keeping which I will be putting in a perfect Victorian console cabinet I came across.  The cabinet, by the way was made by Wolf (?) Specialties out of Bloomington, Il.  Their tag is still on the case but first name is really hard to read.  I was careful to preserve the tag/stamp and will figure out the name eventually.  Perhaps someone here knows?  In any case, I'm not sure if you need pictures, etc., but here are two of the three I have.  I posted a couple of times over a year ago so you may have one of these.   1) Phantom  8 knob, FM, with logging scale, single magic eye serial # DD468 (you may have this one from a previous post I made)                    2) Phantom  8 knob, FM, with logging scale, dual magic eyes  serial number SS380       The third unit I will have to remove from the Victorian cabinet to get its serial number...a good project for this weekend.  If you can give me a ballpark of when these were made it would be greatly appreciated.

Forrest -

For the DD set, I don't have any other dates close to narrow down the date of production. The FM set has to be June 1940 or later.

The SS set I can narrow down some - it has to be built prior to March 6, 1941...a good bit before, I would estimate January of 1941. 

I did have the DD number but the SS set was new, thanks! I'll bet I won't have the one in the cabinet either.








Attached are some pictures of a Phantom Deluxe.  The serial number is ZZ 364.  Not sure if this was already in your database?  If you could give me an idea of when this was built it would be much appreciated!  This is the unit I am keeping as the chrome is pretty nice.  I don't really collect Scotts but this one was so nice I couldn't pass it by.  I am mostly a repwood radio collector.  Took me a while to find a Victorian cabinet that is now in mint condition that it will be put in during the coming week.  Tuner and power supply have been completely rehabbed and tested and should be ready to go!  It sounds great on the bench and should be awesome in the cabinet!  Thanks much.  Forrest


Forrest - I didn't have this serial number. Unfortunately, in this prefix, I don't have any dates to base it on. Knowing the version of the Phantom, it really dates from late 38. It can't go too far into 39 as Scott moved to the Deluxe Phantom fairly early that year. The cabinet and chrome look excellent, very nice set. A fairly unusual cabinet too. 


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