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As most of you know, I've been gathering and analyzing Scott serial numbers for over 20 years. I have a couple requests....first, if you haven't sent me your serial numbers, please do. Also...if any of you have a confirmed date for a set/serial number, please send me that. There is a warranty tag on ebay at the moment, these are great, since they have the date and serial number on them. A letter with a date is also good confirmation. I would greatly appreciate any info you fellows can provide. I'll post more about serial numbers here in the future.


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Very interesting Norman. I am thinking this set is of late production with the serial number prefix "W". My other  My other AW12 has a prefix of "R" which Kent indicated coincided with the purchase date of January 1934 written inside the chassis. The cartridge doesn't seem to be working, and the tone arm would track very lightly. Hopefully I can get it working. I was considering replacing the phonograph with a Victor Electrola, but I might hold off on that.


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