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I have been looking for a 15" Jensen pedestal speaker for a later BOL Philharmonic for a long time. The owner came up with a 12" Magnavox pedestal speaker with the same 7 pin plug.

Will this speaker work on the Philharmonic?



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Hello John-

Sorry, I have no connections to anyone with a 15" speaker.  My entry into the realm of Scott radios is barely 3 months old and I still have quite a lot to learn.  This forum has provided me with the best information I have yet managed to acquire and I am thankful for all of it.

That being said, in my quest for the correct speaker for my AW23, I have found a different Scott speaker that will not work in my radio, or yours, but which I am willing to trade.  I will post pictures and description of it in a new thread to seek its identity.

Thank you and best regards-

Troy Taylor

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