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Guy claimed they were from a Phantom


Any info on them?
Can they be reconed?  If so, who does that?

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I'd like to know if these thing are worth anything or just garbage as they look....

These may be from the 4 piece Hi Fi option that included 2 black painted tweeters, a 12" (usually) non-pedistal woofer that had a Hi-Fidelity sticker on it and an aluminum painted cross over box.These were an option on the Phantom sets.

These tweeters, if from one of those setups would have a 2 pin plug on the cable end to connect to the crossover. The crossover boxes show up periodically on ebay and sell for about $300 or more. Without one of those, these tweeters would be hard to use.

I use the speaker shop in N. Lima Oh to recone my speakers.

They do have a 2 pin plug that fits the crossover.  I figured that most tweeters would have a 2 pin plug anyway.  I am just trying to clearly identify them as Scott.  A Google search of the numbers comes up empty.  Even searching Jensen Q5 comes up empty. 

Does anyone have a picture of these in a cabinet?

Would these be appropriate for my AM/FM philharmonic which is missing it's tweeters?

Is it possible to the screen that covers the face of these?

Thank You.

I have identical black tweeters as part of AM/FM Philharmonic with crossover network and 15 inch round gray hammertone speaker in Georgian cabinet.   They don't have screens, and screw down in two cutouts at 10 and 2 o'clock positiions above the large speaker.   The crossover network is arranged so they are active only on FM band.  I think there is a picture of the assembly in Puett's book Silver Ghosts.   For reconing, you could try Nick at in N. Lima to see what he says.  

Thanks Doug. 

The guy who sold me this radio gave me a 12" speaker which was not a Scott speaker and just today he sold a 15" Scott speaker on E-bay which almost certainly went with this radio.  It is part of a late model Phantom set. 

That is a Scott Warwick Grande cabinet.  I wish there were some way I could pick that one up!  The tweeters are from the early version of the Philharmonic.  I don't recall the Warwick Grande cabinet being available when the Philharmonic was introduced but it would not be the first example of a "retired" cabinet used with a later chassis.


Wow Norm.  Your knowledge is amazing!  When I search "EH Scott Warwick Grande", I cannot even find a single image!

The cabinet is really not my taste, but this cabinet is close enough to me that maybe I should go save it. 

I have made arrangements to pick up this set in the morning.  Thanks Norm.

Scott-What a great find.

From my materials I have, it was stated this cabinet was originally offered only with a special 19 tube version of the AW15. I had heard only one of these sets was known to still exist.

Thank you for sharing the actual pictures of your set..

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