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This forum includes people that own a large % of the known Scott sets. I am seeking some additional information (for the serial number research) on the following sets:


If you have any of these sets in your collection, please let me know...I just have a few questions about these particular serial numbers. Thanks!!

Kent King

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If my memory is not failing me, NN-65 is a Scott Sixteen with motor tuning and remote that I sold to Jeff Kyle a number of years back. I don't have a list of the serial numbers on sets in my possession but will check a few against your list. Norman
That is what I'm trying to find out for sure. The story on these numbers is this....these are numbers from the original serial number lists that June Puett had back in the 1970s. I have found over the years that there were a number of mistakes on his lists, many mis-identified sets. These serial numbers are attributed to sets that would be "wrong" by our current understanding of serial numbers, so I do not count these until I can confirm the set model. If you are right (NN-65 = Sixteen motor dirve) that would be correct. Puett had this listed as a Philharmonic, which would be out of sequence for this number. These are the last "confused" Puett numbers, its a small enough list that I hope to locate and verify the models.

I figured that was what you were up to. NN-65 was in the Nick Vaksvik collection that I purchased many years ago. I did not find any of the other numbers on any of the sets in my possession. I forgot to check the stack of serial number plates in the parts drawer. For the past 10 years or so I have been marking the chassis type on the back of the serial number plates when removed from a set being disassembled for parts.

So we have solved the mystery for NN-65. The remaining "confused" serial numbers fall out like this:

P-438 listed as AW12, should be later, either an AW15 or AW23.
CC-281 listed as Philharmonic, should be a Phantom
KK-268 listed as Masterpiece, should be a Phantom
LL-429 listed as Phantom, should be a Philharmonic
NN-57 listed as Super XII, should be a Sixteen

If anyone can help me confirm these chassis models, we will have resolved all the unknown sets from the original serial number lists.

Thanks to everyone for helping!

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