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I have a copy of this that I have had since the 1970's. It is the publication that got me hooked on Scott radios and finally led me to buy my Allwave 23. It was mentioned in a copy of Audio Magazine, which is also no longer published. 

My copy is literally falling apart and I went looking to see if I could find another one. I did find a couple of them and was surprised to see what they went for. I am keeping my copy, but was curious to know if anyone else has or has seen a copy.  



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Didn't see attachment, so trying again.  

Doug Smith said:

Thanks for the update.   There may be several editions out there.   I attached the first few pages - copyright, frontispiece, and forward.  I don't have any Scott references in pages 16 and 17, but do have a facsimile of Scott's signature on the cover.   The book is fragile, so I didn't press hard on the scanner.   Is it worth attempting a pdf scan?   Doug

I have 2 or 3 copies with different covers. Some were mis-printed, pages missed, or overlapped. I do not believe the copyright is still in force on these, JWFP has been gone for a number of years and I do not believe anyone in his family has maintained them...but I do not know for sure. 

I'll try to do a good scan of one of my copies soon.


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